• Moving from abroad:

    Rental accommodation in Ireland comes in many different forms including houses, flats and apartments.

    The rights of tenants in Ireland do not include as much security of tenure as in other countries  and it would be wise to research this before renting. Before coming to work in Ireland you should apply for a Personal Public Service Number (PPSN) as all landlords will require this information.


  • Minimum standards for rented housing:

    Regulations require that the landlord is to maintain the property in a sound state inside and out.

    More information on the above is available at: and


  • Checklist when moving:

    You will  have to contact the companies below at least 7 days prior to your move to let them know you are changing address:

    Your Bank

    Car insurance provider

    Utility providers

    Telephone / Broadband Provider

    Shop reward cards

    Television Provider

    Health Board/ Doctor /Dentist

    Vets / Dog licence/ Pet Microchip details

    Revenue / Tax Office

    TV Licence – contact your local Post Office

    Electoral Register – contact your Local County Council

    Life Insurance Provider

    Ebay / Paypal

    Mail redirection – contact your local Post Office


  • Checklist for renting an apartment:

    •  Is your landlord is PRTB registered? We ensure all our tenancies are registered with the PRTB.
    •  Is the property managed? We have a management team dedicated to facilitating our tenants and the benefit of a live in caretaker on site.
    •  Does your landlord provide correspondence for you within 48 hours of a request? We swiftly provide references, statements and other such documentation as requested by our tenants.
    •  Is there a contracted cleaning service? We provide cleaning for all the common areas in our apartment blocks.
    • Is the premises secure and safe? We have security cameras on all our sites.
    • How efficient is the apartment? All our buildings are High Energy Rated Buildings.
    • Is the apartment fitted out to corporate standards? All our properties are luxuriously decorated to the highest standards.
    • Are emergency call outs are dealt with within 24 hours? We ensure all emergencies are dealt with swiftly and efficiently.
    • Are proper legal lease documents  generated for all new tenants? We send welcome documents along with a copy of the lease for all tenants after moving in.


  • Utilities:

    You will need the following information:

    Account Number, Account Name, GPRN ( you will find this detail on your Gas bill or MPRN number on your Electricity bill) a meter reading and forwarding address for your final bill. You must also provide the details of the incoming occupant or landlord when moving out.

    More information can be found at: or telephone 1850 632 632 or telephone 1850 372 372 or telephone 1850 812 220


    What are the reasons behind your household bills being so high?

    1. Check that your bills are actual and not estimated.

    2.  If the bill is actual it might be a good idea to install an energy monitor which   will help to analyse the power usage of various appliances.

    3. Check which type of plan you are on. Typically customers who sign up to pay by direct debit and sign up to on-line billing receive discounts from the energy supplier.

    4. Are you still receiving discounts? Sometimes an introductory energy plan discount that you had availed of may have ended. Be sure to check out all available price plans.


  • Maintenance:

    For any maintenance issues please email:


  • Appliance Manuals